COCAVO 100% 初榨冷壓無加工生酮大麻籽油 (Non-CBD) (純素)

Size: 250ml
Sale price$130.00


  • 低溫冷壓- 保留養分和原味道
  • 富含 Omega-6 與Omega-3 為人體必需脂肪酸
  • 促進代謝脂肪,抵抗衰老,增強免疫力,降低膽固醇並幫助預防心血管疾病 
  • 滋養皮膚和頭髮
  • 為麵食, 海鮮, 肉, 蔬菜增潤 
  • 適合沙律涼拌 麵包餅食加入奶昔沙冰 



  • Cold Pressed - Retain Nutritional Content and Nutty Flavour
  • Nutritional Balance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) including Omega-6 and Omega-3
  • Which can Help the Body to Metabolize Fat, Counteract Aging, Increase Immune System Strength, Lower Cholesterol, and Preventing Cardiovascular Disease
  • Naturally Nourish Skin & Hair
  • Drizzle over Pasta, Seafood, Meats & Vegatables
  • Serve as Salad Dressing Base, Dipping Oil, or Blend into Smoothies & Shakes


Product of New Zealand

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